Summer ball of the Spanish Riding School



To dance beneath the stars at the Fête Impériale, in order to enable the Lipizzaners to continue dancing, has already become an Austrian institution with a worldwide echo. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna follows the tradition of Empress Maria Theresia’s ladies’ tournaments by hosting the most beautiful summer ball of Austria in the baroque Winter Riding School, a unique backdrop to a magnificent event.

The Fête Impériale is not only a fixture in the Austrian ball calendar but also an international highlight, a get-together of people from all over the world. The premises will again be decorated in red-white-red, the colours of the Austrian flag, and we will come up with new elements and surprises for our recurring guests.

The ball will give everyone the opportunity to dance where normally only the horses get to perform, namely in the baroque Winter Riding School, Austria’s oldest and most beautiful summer ball location. All in all, there will be three connected ballrooms: the Winter Riding School, where the opening ceremony will take place, the Stables Castle and the Summer Riding Arena. Additionally, there will be a cocktail reception for everyone with VIP tickets and tickets with reserved seats before the official start of the ball. The Summer Riding Arena is our open-air chill-out zone where the atmosphere is always very relaxed and where our guests can traditionally find culinary treats.

More information and tickets are available at: www.fete-imperiale.at